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:::How Therapy Matchmaking Works::::::::
To have Kenwood Psychological Services match you with a therapist, follow these steps:

I. Call Kenwood Psychological Services at 212-744-2121
Over the phone, Kenwood will take certain information from you: your name and address, and the name of your insurance company if you plan to use insurance. (Click here for a discussion of insurance.)

II. If you plan to use insurance, Kenwood Psychological Services will call your insurance company to find out how your coverage works.
This will ensure that you know how your insurance coverage works and can make choices that will help you receive all the benefits you are entitled to.

III. Once you understand your benefits, Kenwood will ask the fee range in which you want Kenwood to find a therapist for you.
Click here to see the range of fees that are available.

IV. Kenwood will then schedule a single diagnostic session – what we call a "Therapist Selection Interview".
This interview gives Kenwood Psychological Services a clear picture of the issues you wish to work on and of your personality and how it works. If you are coming as a couple or a family, Kenwood will also get a sense of the interaction between those who are present, and the best type of therapy, as well as therapist.

V. Kenwood Psychological Services will select the therapist we think is exactly right for you, and put you in touch with that therapist.
Click here for more details about the Decisions that go into Making the Right Match.

VI. Chances are about 98% that you will feel great about the choice.
Kenwood is nearly always right in making the choice of a therapist, but we are not perfect – once or twice a year we have to re-select a therapist for a client. This means that in almost every case you will agree that this therapist is just right for you. If after two or three sessions the match does not feel right, just call Kenwood. We will listen to your explanation of why this match did not work for you and do our best to make a better selection.

VII. In the future, if you develop concerns about how your therapy is going, call Kenwood Psychological Services
Suppose you have been in therapy for nine months and you begin to become concerned about whether the therapy is still helping or whether it has started to go in the wrong direction. Of course you would want to discuss these feelings with your therapist. If your questions are not resolved, however, you have another important option: you may call Kenwood, explain the situation to us, and get our opinion about what needs to be done. We may suggest that your therapy is over, that your therapist needs to change styles, that you need a change of therapists, or we may make other possible suggestions. Kenwood’s overview and availability help to make the therapeutic process productive and lead it efficiently toward a positive conclusion.

Home : How Therapy Matchmaking Works : Our Staff : Contact Kenwood

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