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I. Those looking for the best therapist for themselves

Kenwood's special skill is in selecting, from more than 200 therapists, the therapist we think has the best chance of producing optimum results for each client. To find out more visit: How Therapy Matchmaking Works.

II. Those looking for the best therapist in a particular fee range

A. High Fee Range Selections

Those willing to pay a high fee need to be protected from exploitation. Some therapists charge exorbitant fees. Other therapists charge fees higher than their training or expertise would ordinarily allow. Kenwood ensures that even those we select who charge the highest fees have the background, training and experience to justify those fees.

B. Low Fee Range Selections
Those on a tight budget have particular concerns about finding the best therapist their budget will allow—even better than their budget will allow if possible. Kenwood strives to find superior therapists in every fee range, and we follow the same requirements when selecting a low-fee therapist as when selecting a high-fee therapist.

Visit Kenwood Psychological Services Fees section for more detailed info.

III. Those in certain professions

A disproportionately high percentage of Kenwood's clients come from certain professions:

  • The entertainment industry (theater, film, television)
  • Investment banking
  • Law
  • People in the arts
  • Medical professionals
  • Educators (teachers, school administrators)
  • Clergy and religious
Since we serve all professions equally, it is not clear to us why these professions have come to prefer us. It could simply be because so many people in New York work in these professions, or perhaps by chance those coming to us from these professions happen to have recommended us more frequently to their friends. It could also be that some of these professions are professions where an improvement in mental health has an immediate effect on success in that field. We like to think that people in these professions come to us because of the quality of our services—this certainly tends to be the reason they state for choosing Kenwood. Those in other professions should feel equally comfortable in calling us—in the past 20 years Kenwood Psychological Services has served those in nearly every imaginable profession.

IV. Those in certain stages of life

Certain stages of life create strains that therapy might relieve:

  • The transition from childhood friendships to deep adult relationships
  • The transition from college student to independent adult
  • The transition from single to married
  • The transition from married to married-with-children
  • Raising children or adolescents who are experiencing problems
  • The transition from working to retirement

V. Those experiencing problems

Everyone feels depressed at times. If the depression goes on for weeks or months, however, or if it drains any interest from life, then it may be wise to seek help. Everyone feels anxious at times. If the anxiety interferes with ordinary life, however, then it may be time to seek help. The same can be said of many feelings or behaviors, such as compulsive orderliness, overspending, daydreaming, anger, intrusive or repetitive thoughts, relationship difficulties: if these problems are experienced once in a while to a moderate degree, they may not interfere with your life, but if they are ongoing to a severe degree, they may hamper your ability to function in the way you would like. When you notice this happening, it may be a good idea to call Kenwood Psychological Services for help.

VI. Those whose previous or current therapy has not worked

Kenwood frequently receives calls from people who have tried therapy once or several times in the past, without having achieved the goals they would like. Kenwood Psychological Services has had particular success with such people. This success seems to come from the beneficial effect of Kenwood's procedures: quality control, careful matching of client and therapist, and conversation about the process.

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VII. Those looking for secure confidentiality

Everyone who comes to Kenwood expects, and receives, the highest level of confidentiality. Kenwood Psychological Services is a private agency, our records belong to us alone. We do not reveal information about you without either your express permission or a legal requirement that we do so.
Certain clients find Kenwood's strict confidentiality particularly reassuring.

A. Those in the public eye

  • Famous stage and screen personalities
  • Politicians
  • Public figures
B. Those in certain professions or working for certain companies

Twenty years ago, nearly every client was reluctant to let an employer, or even a friend, know they were in therapy. Today nearly everyone discusses their therapy with their friends, colleagues and employers. Some companies and some professions, however, still have the old restraints. Young lawyers on the "partner track," for example, fear the competitive disadvantage they might experience if they were known to be in therapy. A few companies still view therapy with suspicion. Kenwood's strict confidentiality is very reassuring to people working in those professions.

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