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Kenwood employs more than 200 professionals. We know each professional well. Each professional works from his or her own private office in Manhattan and the greater metropolitan area, or works as a consultant on-premises in schools, churches, synagogues, businesses or corporations.

Kenwood’s staff is composed of psychologists, social workers, and related professionals and specialists. Kenwood will also help a client find another professional—for example, Kenwood will help a client find a psychiatrist who works independently.

Quality control is a function Kenwood takes very seriously, and therefore staff are selected with great care. No one works for Kenwood Psychological Services without going through a rigorous review of their background and training, and one or more face-to-face meetings. Less than 10% of applicants are selected.

Once a professional is invited to join the Kenwood Psychological Services staff, their work is subject to ongoing review. Kenwood expects clients’ reactions to be positive, and expects the final outcome of each course of therapy or consultation to be positive.

Home : How Therapy Matchmaking Works : Our Staff : Contact Kenwood

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