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Kenwood Psychological Services is the oldest and largest provider of comprehensive mental health services in a private practice setting in the New York metropolitan area.

More than 30 years ago, the founders of Kenwood Psychological Services perceived that New York City had certain needs in the field of mental health:

  • The need for quality control
  • The need for high quality providers in every fee range
  • The need for a full range of mental health services to be offered in a private practice format for individuals and families, and in a consultation format for businesses, schools, churches and synagogues
  • The need for clients to have full input into the selection of the professional who would serve them
  • The need for clients to have recourse if they had questions about their therapy or consultant.

These are the needs that Kenwood Psychological Services, over the last 30 years, has filled. With more than 200 professionals, Kenwood continues to grow, develop and expand, looking forward to the decades ahead.

Home : How Therapy Matchmaking Works : Our Staff : Contact Kenwood

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